Power Washing

Make your property sparkle with a thorough cleaning job

If you find yourself unable to remember the paint color of your home due to built-up grime, it’s time for a deep cleaning. Curb Appeal Painting will power wash your property to return it to its former glory. Our crew will carefully and efficiently give all of your exterior surfaces a good scrub, including:

  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Sidings
  • Windows
  • Patios

No matter the size of the job, our crew has the means to get it done promptly. Schedule your pressure washing service by calling Curb Appeal Painting.


The quality of your exterior paint job depends on the surface it’s being applied to. That’s why Casper’s Curb Appeal Painting takes the time to prep your surfaces before we bring out the paint cans. We always start our exterior paint jobs with a thorough power washing. We’ll remove peeling paint and smooth out any rough edges to make your paint application clean and keep your home looking gorgeous.

Get in touch with Curb Appeal painting to learn more about our pressure washing and painting services.
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